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本文摘要:本作文话题主要包罗四个方面,划分是改变、环保、英语和科学。1.请凭据提示, 写一篇题为Changes in Our Hometown的英语漫笔。


本作文话题主要包罗四个方面,划分是改变、环保、英语和科学。1.请凭据提示, 写一篇题为Changes in Our Hometown的英语漫笔。内容要点: 已往:1.旧房2.河水肮脏3.步行、骑自行车上班4.门路狭窄5.居住条件差现在:1.高楼2.河水清澈3.乘公交车、小汽车上班4.环形路宽阔5.居住情况舒适【参考范文】 Changes in Our HometownIn the past ten years, great changes have taken place in our hometown. In the past, there used to be old houses. The river was very dirty. The roads were narrow and the living conditions were hard. People wentto work on foot or by bike. But now, there are many tall buildings in myhometown. The river is clean and the water is clear. There are many ring roads and the living conditions are comfortable. People usually go to work by bus or by car.I am glad to see these great changes in my hometown. But I think it’s still important to remember the past. It tells that we should cherish the present life.2.凭据下面提示写一篇80词左右的日记。(1)5月1日,星期六,天气晴朗;(2)上午9点,我和同学们一起去农村观光,沿途看到许多稻田、树林、工厂、商店和学校;(3)10点到12点我们观光了10户农家,相识到不少农民因种菜和养蚕而致富,有的还买了彩电,生活比以前很多多少了。

听说有几位美国朋侪还要来观光呢!(4)祝愿他们的生活越来越好。参考词汇: 养蚕raise silkworms【参考范文】May1st, Saturday SunnyAt nine in the morning, I went to the countryside with myclassmates. On the way we saw many rice fields and woods on both sides of theroad. Farmers have built factories, shops and schools in many villages. Between ten and twelve we visited ten families. Many farmers who grew vegetables and raised silkworms became rich. Some families have bought color TV. Their life is much better than before. It’s said that some American friends will come to visit their village,too. I hope the farmers’ life will be better and better.3.明天是Alice的生日,她准备举行一个生日聚会并邀请Kate到场,但Kate不得不待在家里照顾生病的妈妈。如果你是Kate,请写张便条,让人带给Alice。【参考范文】DearAlice,Thank you for inviting me to take part in your birthdayparty. I’d like to come, but mymother is ill. I have to stay at home to take good care of her. So I can’t come. Happy birthday to you!Yours,Kate 4.人类只有一个地球。


凭据提示,以“Saving theEarth”为题,写一篇80词左右的漫笔。提示: (1)如何掩护情况已成为世界最浩劫题之一;(2)种种污染破坏情况,损害康健;(3)不要乱倒垃圾,乱排废水;(4)我们应该掩护情况,使我们的家园越发漂亮。【参考范文】 Saving the EarthHow to protect the environment has become one of the biggest problems in the world. There are many kinds of pollutions around us,such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and light pollution. We can find that rubbish not only pollutes our environment but also harms people’s health. So。